About MAHA

The Milwaukee Avenue Home Owners Association is a Minnesota non-profit that was formed in 1978 to manage the common areas owned by the homeowners’ association, and to preserve the architectural integrity of the buildings on Milwaukee Avenue.

There are 78 single- and multiple-family Victorian homes in our homeowners association, with most built in the 1880s.

MAHA has a governing Board of Directors, composed of five residents that oversee the business of the homeowners’ association, as well as several committees: (i) architectural review; (ii) landscape; (iii) maintenance; (iv) crime watch; and (v) social. Board meetings are held once a month.

With the creation of the Historic District, Milwaukee Avenue and the part of East 22nd Street between 22nd and 23rd Avenues South were vacated to create the Milwaukee Avenue Mall and the Mini-Park. Other common areas include the parking lots located south of Franklin Avenue and on 22nd and 23rd Avenues. MAHA manages these areas, providing for the maintenance of the parking lots, the sidewalks, and the grounds.

The Historic District was created to protect the area’s homes from demolition in the days of urban renewal in the early 1970s and to assist in the homes’ rehabilitation and restoration. As one of the largest collections of historic brick Victorian homes in Minneapolis, MAHA is responsible for maintaining the architectural character of the homes within the historic district and surrounding blocks. MAHA has established architecture and maintenance guidelines to promote the architectural integrity of the area, and has the power to enforce these guidelines.