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Milwaukee Avenue is located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, about two miles southeast of downtown Minneapolis and close to the west bank of the University of Minnesota and to Augsburg College.  Seward is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Minneapolis, dating back to the rapid expansion of the city in the late 19th century.  Franklin Avenue, the main thoroughfare through the neighborhood, marked the southern boundary of the Town of Minneapolis.  Influencing early growth was the construction of the Iowa and Minnesota Division of the Milwaukee railroad in 1870, which ran parallel to Hiawatha Avenue near the Historic District.  This part of the neighborhood developed into a small, densely populated residential area for immigrants and working-class families that worked on the railroad.  The Seward neighborhood grew further after the opening of the Franklin Avenue Bridge spanning the Mississippi River. By 1930, the area was fully developed.  For more information please visit the Seward Neighborhood Groupthe neighborhood profile by city of Minneapolis, and Minnesota Compass’ at-a-glance facts.

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